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Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog article – we’re delighted to be sharing a recent article that has been featured on HullLive and Business Live. You may have even seen us in the Hull Daily Mail! Pretty exciting stuff, don’t you think?

As a part of our ongoing partnership with the HullLive Business Awards, it’s been great to offer some insight into the great work that our team members do; placing permanent, temporary, skilled and semi-skilled workers into the perfect positions for them. At Reach Resourcing, we believe in educating workers in and around Hull in the benefits that temporary work can bring to career advancement.

Like many individuals across the UK, you may have found yourself questioning your career direction during the pandemic.

With redundancy having spiked and furlough being something that we’re all a little too familiar with, there is no shock that, on average, a whopping 60% of us have considered a career change in the past year, according to a survey taken earlier in the year by Aviva.

So, whether you’re looking for a change in direction, to up your skills in a certain area, or even seasonal work, this is where temporary work can come into play.

And, if you’re looking for work, be it permanent or temporary, we’re here to help place you in the ideal position for you in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, and beyond.

So, who are we?

We are a Hull-based, Independent Recruitment Agency!

We strive to offer a professional and personal take on recruitment. Our dedicated and experienced consultants work in partnership with both candidates and clients to ensure the best possible productivity.

From Labouring roles to Caravan and Modular Operatives; to Sales, Administration, and Marketing positions, they have a plethora of jobs to meet many skill-sets and backgrounds.

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Why can I benefit from temporary work?

A temporary position can help to enhance both your skillset and CV, which is great news for workers in Yorkshire.

Temporary work is one of the most easily misunderstood pieces of the future of work, but it has a vital role to play.

Temporary work has a plethora of benefits, from enhancing a varied skill set to increased flexibility, and the ability to test the waters before committing to a full-time contract.

There are certainly many positive reasons as to why temporary work could be for you.

You are ultimately in control of your career, and it can be far easier to take career breaks, focus on a hobby or re-train – especially if you are interested by seasonal work.

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Skills that you can gain and develop from temporary employment include:

  • Time management
  • Organisational skills
  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Communication 
  • Confidence

The above are all soft skills that can be learnt, developed, and improved while working in temporary employment. Skills learnt and improved through temporary employment can then be transferred to enhance performance in other temporary or even, permanent positions.

Additionally, research has shown that employers want to see what soft skills a candidate possesses that complement their technical qualifications such as NVQs.

Employers with temporary positions available are often looking for someone that will fit in quickly with their existing team dynamics and contribute to the task at hand.

People working temporary jobs need to be quick on their feet. You need to be able to adjust quickly to different working environments and teams. You need to be able to communicate effectively with everyone you work with, whilst showing enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Enhancing your soft skills from a variety of temporary placements will make you more attractive to prospective employers when trying to find a permanent job. And who knows, that last temporary job may even become permanent!

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Finding the position for you with Reach Resourcing – ‘Your Goals, Our Focus’

Are you thinking of a career change? Or are you a graduate or college leaver undecided about which career path to take? A temporary job can answer some important questions before you take the plunge.

With an abundance of exclusive benefits for agency workers, including free training, cash-back and incentives for hard workers, it’s never been easier to find work that rewards – genuinely rewards.

Don’t forget, if you are after something more permanent, many temporary jobs can lead to permanent positions, particularly if you prove yourself to be invaluable to the company.

Never turn down a good temporary role just because you want a permanent contract – you never know where it might lead…

For more information about us and what we do, here at Reach Resourcing, feel free to have a flick through our website.

You can also email or call 01482 235100 if you’d like to speak with one of our friendly, dedicated consultants.

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