As part of Reach Resourcing’s championship of International Women’s Day, we had a chinwag with our Engineering Recruitment Consultant, Liz.

Breaking The Bias

At Reach Resourcing we are proud have created an environment that puts equality at the forefront of everything we do as a business. With many of our senior roles occupied by women, this is more evident than ever when it comes to equality for women in the workplace.

This week, organisations around the world celebrated International Women’s Day – resulting in more than a few being exposed for not being able to back up their platitudes on social media with a workplace culture that genuinely does #BreakTheBias.

At Reach we believe transparency is key when it comes to promoting equality so I sat down with Liz, our Engineering Recruitment Consultant, for a Q&A about her experiences as woman both throughout her career, and her time at Reach Resourcing. Here’s how it went down:

Who is your biggest female inspiration in the public eye and why?

“Jacinda Ardern – New Zealand Prime Minister

I really respect how Jacinda is taking the lead in politics and has responded to challenging world events effectively. She has been New Zealand’s leader through an earthquake, terrorist attack and Covid and has come through shining.

Her approach is modern in a world of dated politics and she seems to take a thoroughly modern approach to leadership, and to be honest, on a political stage where her peers included Donald Trump – the opposite of empathetic – it’s really not hard to see why Jacinda is such a breath of fresh air.

Jacinda has been re-elected with a sweeping majority, and I really think that as she has managed major issues well, she’s managed to maintain a warm, down-to-earth and human approach to her leadership, which has clearly resonated well.

Another main factor for me is she clearly embraces diversity, she has more gay and gender-neutral people in her parliament than anywhere else in the world, which speaks volumes. She’s competent, while also showing a human side. She’s proving that caring about and supporting people shouldn’t hold you back, rather, empower you.

And come on, to all those that negate the ability to parent and drive a career, in 2018, she became the second world leader to give birth while in office. Later that year, she gave a speech at the Nelson Mandela Peace summit with three-month-old Neve in her lap!!”

Who are some key women in your own life and why?

“First and foremost, my partner. She has a strong, determined nature with her own moving career, yet is a source of strength for me on those days that are a struggle!

I have a strong friendship group but specifically have two close friends. I admire how they aren’t afraid to share opinions and speak their truth. They listen, but don’t allow others to bring them down. For me they are filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, and authentic.”

What’s it like being a woman here at Reach?

“Easy! There are no biases, whether that be sex, gender etc. No discriminations. We are encouraged to share opinions and drive forward.”

One piece of advice you would give a young woman at the very start of her career.

“Get to know who you really are. You’re not supposed to have it all figured out so don’t let your insecurities bring you down, and don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone.”

Thanks Liz! If you’d like to hear more from Liz you can follow her on LinkedIn here.


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